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Redefining Energy Management

empAI revolutionizes how businesses approach energy consumption with AI-driven insights and actions.

Manage your digital twin

Integrate All Energy Consumers and Producers for Advanced, Multi-Level Management.

Monitor your data in real time

Get updates every 15 minutes, providing an overview across all groups and subgroups, for precise and efficient energy management.

Look into the future

Our algorithms accurately forecast future energy usage and price trends with remarkable precision.

Take Action

Utilize the insights to manually or automatically optimize your energy usage for maximum efficiency.

Save Money

Implement diverse strategies to fine-tune your processes and consumption, enhancing profitability.

Tailored Solutions Across Industries

From chemical manufacturing to steel production, explore how empAI optimizes operations in various sectors.

Chemical Industry

Energy consumption pattern analysis in
reactors for production optimization

Food Processing

Enhancing energy efficiency in
cooling and baking systems

Steel Industry

Energy optimization for furnaces
and rolling mills

Retail & Supermarkets

Lighting and cooling systems

Automotive Industry

Energy demand adjustment for
assembly lines and paint shops

Data Centers & IT

Energy efficiency in server rooms,
focusing on cooling

Healthcare & Hospitals

Energy management for
medical equipment

Hospitality Industry

Automated energy management
in guest rooms

Construction & Real Estate

Energy efficiency in residential
and commercial buildings

Energy Suppliers & Grid Operators

Load management for grid stability

and more...

Open for new use cases

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs

Leverage the power of AI for real-time energy management and predictive analytics.

How can you save money with empAI?

Buying smarter

You can buy energy, when it’s cheap.
Plan in advance, how much energy you need​.

Better processes​

Optimization of production steps lead to
better resource usage​

Optimized Work Schedules

Schedule work shifts, optimize shift sizes
and take holidays into account.​

Smarter energy consumption​

Use more cheap and sustainable energy
preferable from your own sources.

Unlock Efficiency, Unlock Savings with empAI

Discover flexible pricing that adapts to your unique business needs. Whether you're a small enterprise or a large corporation, empAI offers scalable solutions to drive your energy management forward. Embrace the future of energy efficiency without breaking the bank.

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